Day: May 9, 2022

Is it possible to enjoy sex in this heat

Is it possible to take pleasure in sex in this heat?

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Sex and summer season are incompatible, or so you thought before reading this short article. Since making love in the hottest months of the year can be a real odyssey. We give you some pointers and techniques that will help you endure it and enjoy in spite of the high temperatures.

Summer has a double result on us. For one, our sex drive boosts. We remain in a much better mood than in winter season due to the impact of the sun and we would even dare to say seeing everybody with less clothing, which likewise has an impact. During these months, our brain experiences an increase in hormones connected to joy and enjoyment: oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins … which are directly associated with libido.

Is it possible to enjoy sex in this heat2Nevertheless, the theory is watered down when it comes to practice. The overwhelm of being drenched in sweat outweighs any pleasure you might feel, and you begin to sweat a lot more from the tension of considering it. In the end, the most practical thing is to stop so that things do not end in fainting and you do not enjoy half as much as you should.

The concern of being drenched in sweat

Have you ever felt that way? Do not fret, it’s a regular response. The best thing you can do is talk things over with your partner and discover options so you don’t leave sex aside throughout the summer season, which is very long! To help you, we leave you several suggestions, techniques and options so that you can make the most of whatever that summer season produces within us.

Modification locations. Usually, sexual intercourse occurs in bed. However, the bedroom is not normally the coolest area in your home. Take the opportunity to give the kitchen area or restroom a chance, and naturally the dining-room if you have air conditioning. And if you are lucky sufficient to have a personal pool, go on with it! There is no more rejuvenating location to take a great romp (along with a dip).

Your finest ally: cooling

The satisfaction felt when we switch on the air in summer is indescribable, ideal? Think of when your body sobs out for a while of pleasure and you integrate it with the coolness of the air coming out of the compressor. You will not know if you feel more pleasure from the act itself or from how cool the environment feels while you are soaked in sweat. Having cooling, or by default a fan, is vital if you do not want to pass away trying.

Attempt ice!

The economic choice to the previous proposition, but also the most erotic. Who hasn’t fantasized more than when about the famous video game of walking the ice all over the naked body of their partner? An ice cube will enable you to cool down while you have fun with it, with your mouth or moving it through your intimate locations.

A shower?

Is it possible to enjoy sex in this heatIf you want to beat the heat and sweat while you’re making love, try doing it from the shower and with the drip of water sliding over your bodies. And if you’re more in the traditional method, attempt taking a quick shower prior to acting and you’ll see how grateful your body isn’t to start off already soaked in sweat.

Oral sex or masturbation

The very best options may be foreplay or masturbation. Sex requires a physical motion that in summertime can be a whole 40km marathon at rush hour when the sun is most popular. If you wish to avoid that feeling, focus on oral sex, masturbation or making use of toys. You will give each other satisfaction without investing energy or sweating a lot. Besides, sex isn’t simply penetration, right?… Continue reading